Test for Kidney

Kidneys are the organs responsible for filtering the waste and re-circulating the essential requirements back to body. Their malfunction can result in many serious conditions.

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Kidney Function Test​

Creatinine and electrolytes level help to detect kidney disorders. BUN level indicates kidney disease, heart failure, gout and pregnancy diseases. Urea is the principle waste product of protein catabolism. KFT uses urinalysis, Ca, Bun, Creatinine, Electrolite, Total Protein, Uric Acid, Phosphorus, Glucose, CBC, Cholesterol, Albumin and Alkaline Phosphates for detail Kidney Analysis.​

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Uric Acid​

Uric Acid is the end product of protein metabolism and needs to be excreted out of the body after filteration through kidney. High levels are seen with Gout, inherited metabolic disorders of purine metabolism, excessive purine dietary intake and increased cell turnover. Only 10-15% patients with hyperuricemia have Gout. This test detects the level of Uric Acid present in the sample to detect these defects.​

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Creatinine is the product of creatine metabolism. It is a measure of renal function and elevated levels are observed in patients typically with 50% or greater impairment of renal function. Creatinine and electrolytes level inside the body are help in detecting kidney disorders.​

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