Test for Lungs

Lungs can be effected by airborne allergens, active and passive smoking, radon gas, chemicals and air pollution.

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C Reactive Protein (CRP) is the most sensitive acute phase reactant for inflammation. Mild elevation of CRP has emerged as a valuable marker of cardiovascular risk.​

Hemogram CBC

This test provides information about red cells, white cells and platelets. Results are useful in the diagnosis of anemia, infections, leukemias, clotting disorders etc. ​

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Total IgE​

Testing for IgE antibodies is useful to establish the diagnosis of an allergic disease and to define the allergens which is responsible for eliciting signs and symptoms.​

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Creatinine helps to measure renal function. An elevated levels of this hormone are observed in patients typically with 50% or greater impairment of renal function.​

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Risk from Pollution I

This test involves measurement of C Reactive Proteins, Hemogram report and total IgE present in the blood sample. It is helpful in access an individual's risk owing to the pollution level.

Risk from Pollution II

This test is for advance detection where along with C Reactive Protein, Hemogram and IgE, this test will also detect Creatinine level along with presence of few more factors to assess pollution risk.

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